Wearable Style Based On The Artwork of Derek Hess


Derek Hess’ anatomically direct visions have been a staple of Cleveland music-scene flyers and posters for the better part of 15 years. Since then, he has jumped the fence of his backyard, receiving acclaim from cosmopolitan galleries to the fine-art bastion of the French Louvre. With his Strhess line of clothing, counter-culture types and fine art aficionados can share some common ground. Hess promises all Strhess designs are made with the highest levels of ink, sweat and tears – the blood will disappear after multiple washings…


Strhess Clothing, an off-set of the artwork of internationally known artist Derek Hess, has become a favorite of art fans, rock stars and music lovers alike. Over the last 10 years, Strhess has been transformed from a company simply printing Hess images on t-shirts and hoodies to it’s own entity, hosting an expansive clothing line and over the years it’s own music tour, festival, as well as legions of die-hard fans.

Hess, having altered the world of rock art and posters as well as contributing pieces to the permanent collections of both The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and The Louvre in Paris, has fans both in and across the art and music world.

“That’s how Strhess ultimately started,” Hess said. “We had fans of the art work asking for clothing. We took it from there.”

Strhess also quickly become a favorite of bands such as Thursday, Shadows Fall, Circa Survive, Unearth and The All-American Rejects prompting Hess and his long-time manager, Marty Geramita, to sponsor the Strhess Tour, which has crossed the United States 3 times as well as Europe once.

For more information about any of the many facets of Derek Hess and the Strhess Clothing line, please visit www.derekhess.com or email info@strhess.com


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